WELCOME to the 30th Judicial Circuit Court


The office of the Ingham County Prosecutor will be vacant as of July 2, 2016.

Anyone qualified who wishes to be considered to serve as the Ingham County Prosecutor effective July 2, 2016 to December 31, 2016, please send a letter of interest and any supporting information to:


Janelle A. Lawless
Chief Judge
Ingham County Circuit Court
313 West Kalamazoo Street
Lansing, MI  48933

Submissions must be received no later than May 1, 2016


On March 1, 2016, a $25 Electronic System Fee will go into effect.  This fee will be paid at the time of case initiation by the party commencing a civil action.*  The term civil action is defined under MCL 600.1985 and excludes criminal cases, appeals, civil infraction actions, proceedings commenced in the probate court under MCL 700.3982, and proceedings involving juveniles under Chapter 12A of the Probate Code (MCL 712A.1, et seq.)

For more information, please see General Information/Filing Fees link.

*If a filing fee is waived due to indigency or inability to pay, the electronic system fee will also be waived. A party that is a government entity is exempt from paying the electronic system fee.


 With the mission "To do Justice" the Ingham County Circuit Court is a court of general jurisdiction, hearing civil cases and controversies seeking damages in excess of $25,000, all felony criminal matters, and all family matters. In addition to hearing felony criminal matters and civil matters. Judges of the Family Division have jurisdiction over cases involving juvenile delinquents, abused and neglected children, adoptions, name changes, emancipations, parental consent waivers and domestic relation matters


Ingham County is committed to utilization of evidence based, best practices in delivery of services to residents.  This means that we do what is proven to work.  From Jail utilization to Juvenile Justice, Ingham County Courts are committed to practices and programs that can be supported by actual data and research.