THE FOLLOWING APPLY TO ALL CASES

Q:    How can I make a payment?

IN PERSON:  At the Circuit Court Clerk’s office in the Veterans Memorial Courthouse located at 313 W. Kalamazoo
in Downtown Lansing, or at the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office in the Mason Courthouse located at 341 S. Jefferson St in Mason.

Methods of payment accepted in the Clerk’s Office are: Cash, Credit/Debit Cards, Money Orders or Checks

BY MAIL: Addressed to:  “30th Circuit Court, PO Box 40771, Lansing MI  48901”

Money Orders or Checks should be made payable to 30th Circuit Court and must include case number.  If making payment for multiple cases, please specify how much should be applied to each docket number.


            Log onto https://courts.ingham.org/CourtPayments/

            Provide the following information:

            * Your case number 
              Full name and date of birth                                                                                  


Log onto www.govpaynow.com (or use GPS QR code)

            Provide the following information:

                * Pay code 1921 (for Ingham County 30th Circuit Court General Trial Division

                * Your full name and date of birth

                * Your case number                                                                                      

BY PHONE:  Call GPS at 1-888-604-7888 and provide the following information: 

             * Pay code 1921 (for Ingham County 30th Circuit Court General Trial Division)

             * Your full name                                                                                  

             * Your case number

 **Note**  When using the WebTec or GPS card services there WILL be a service fee assessed in addition to
the payment you are making to the court.  The fee amount will be provided before you finalize the transaction.

 Payments made online using WebTec may take up to 3 days to post to your account.  Payments made online or by phone with GPS may take up to 10 days to post to your account.  You may always provide the confirmation number as proof of payment if requested.


 Q:    I don't have the ability to pay my fees in full right now.  Can I set up a payment plan?
A:    We realize that while all assessments are due on the date of sentencing, not everyone has the ability to pay in full at that time.  The Collections Coordinator is happy to assist you in setting up periodic payments.  You may
contact the Collections Coordinator to make a payment arrangement at (517) 483-6520.

Q:    If I don't pay my fees, will I get a bench warrant?

A:    The Court cannot issue a warrant for failure to pay fees without first setting a show cause hearing to allow due process.  Failure to appear to such a hearing could result in a warrant being requested.


Q:    I've been making my payments regularly at the District Court.  Why isn't the Circuit Court getting any money?
A:    The Circuit Court collects money owed for court-appointed attorneys.

Q:    I'm already making regular payments to the Circuit Court.  Why am I receiving a late notice?
A:    It is likely that your payment plan has not been entered into the case management system, and therefore
makes it appear that you are in delinquent status.  Contact the Collections Coordinator at (517) 483-6520 in order to have it properly entered to avoid further notifications.

Q:    I'm trying to make a payment or get information about a case using the docket number listed on the postcard, but am being told that no case exists.  What is going on?
A:    If the case is non-public (suppressed), you will not be able to research or pay online.  Payments may be made
via the GPS phone system, by mail, or in person with proper identification.  The Court may only speak to the Defendant on a non-public (suppressed) case.  If you need further information  or alternative payment options, contact the Collections Coordinator at (517) 483-6520.  Please be prepared to provide verification of your identity.

                                                      THE FOLLOWING APPLY TO PTC CASES ONLY

Q:    What is a PTC case?

A:    PTC (or Pre-Trial Case) is an administrative case which is set up when an attorney is appointed to a felony case.  It is created to allow for the reimbursement of court-appointed attorney fees.

Q:    I've never had a case in Circuit Court.  Why would I owe money there?
A:    If the original charge is a felony, the Circuit Court pays for the services of court-appointed attorneys appointed at both the District and Circuit Court level.  The District Court is unable to either collect on, or waive attorney fees in felony cases, so reimbursement must be made directly to the 30th Circuit Court.

After sentencing you may contest attempts to enforce collection of the attorney fee.  The court will determine your ability to pay at that time.


Q:    I retained my own attorney.  Why do I have to pay for a court-appointed attorney I did not use?
A:    If you had retained an attorney, it is possible the associated attorney fees should be dismissed.  If you believe this is the situation in your case, please contact the Court Appointed Counsel Clerk at (517) 483-6450.

Q:    My case was dismissed, or I was found Not Guilty.  Why do I still owe fees?
A:    If your case was dismissed or you were found Not Guilty, please contact the Court Appointed Counsel Clerk at (517) 483-6450.