General Responsibility for Fees and Costs

•When a juvenile comes under the jurisdiction of the Ingham County Circuit Court - Family Division, there may be certain financial costs incurred as a case progresses through the court system, including but not limited to:  Court costs, attorney fees, the costs of provision of services to the juvenile and his/her family.

•Parents and/or juvnile are liable to pay reimbursement for the full costs of care, services and/or attorney fees, unless other arrangements are made through the Family Court's Reimbursement Referee, with the approval of the Court.

•Assessment of these fees and costs is accomplished through written orders of the court.

•It is expected that fees and costs assessed by the Court be paid at the time they are assessed, unless other arrangements are made with the Reimbursement Referee and approved by the Court.

Financial Reviews and Waivers

The financial situations of some juveniles and their families make it difficult or impossible for them to pay fees and costs assessed by the Court.

•Financial Reviews
Parents, guardians, or other custodians of juveniles will be provided the opportunity to complete a financial statement and have a meeting with the Reimbursement Referee to determine whether they qualify for a waiver of certain fees and costs.

If a family meets certain financial qualifications, waivers (a means by which the Court orders certain fees and/or costs eliminated) may be granted by written order of the Court after a Financial Review.

•Verbal agreements or statements will not result in waivers.

•Restitution and Crime Victims Fee cannot be waived.

•Reimbursement Referee is authorize to work out payment plans with families not in a position to pay all of the juvenile's fees and costs immediately.

Juvenile's assigned Juvenile Court Officer
Court Reimbursement Officer at
(517) 483-6333
There are fees and costs which are common to Juvenile Division cases:

•Crime Victims Fee

•Court Costs

•State Minimum Costs

•Attorney Fee

•Other fees and costs may be assessed, depending upon the type of services and programs that may be ordered and provided to the juvenile and/or other residential facilities.

•Restitution may also be ordered in a case, if a victim of the juvenile's offense sustains injuries, damages and/or other losses as a result of the offense.

Duty to Report Changes of Circumstances

•Financial Changes
The juvenile and parent(s) are under a continuing duty to report to the Court all income from any source, whether declared for tax purposes or not.  This duty also requires the reporting of any changes(s) in income, including but not limited to pay increase or decrease, new employment and/or termination of employment, workers compensation (including "back awards"), Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) (including "back awards"), and cash prizes such as lottery winnings.

•Changes of Address
The juvenile and parent(s) are also under a continuing duty to report all address changes to the Court.

Collections and Enforcement

If a parent/guardian/other custodian and/or a juvenile fails to pay fees, costs and/or restitution as ordered, enforcement action will be taken by the Court.  Enforcement action includes but is not limited to:

•Collection notices and warnings
•Show cause hearings, including contempt costs
•Bench warrants for arrest
•Garnishment of wages, bank and credit union accounts, tax refunds and other monies
•Lein against property
•Assessment of the costs of enforcement
•Jail sentences
•Other enforcement actions as permitted under the law

 In Person
   Make payments at the Court Clerk's Office located in the Veteran's
 Memorial Courthouse, 1st Floor, 313 W. Kalamazoo Street, Lansing, MI
 Mail Payments
 Ingham County Circuit Court
 Juvenile Division
 P.O. Box 13097
 Lansing, MI  48901-3097

Checks or money orders shall be made payable to Ingham County
Circuit Court.

They must also include the juvenile's name, FID/case number, and
petition number, which can be found on orders issued in the case.
 Credit Card Payments
  Toll free number:  1-800-604-7888
 Non-sufficient Funds (NSF) checks will result in $25 NSF fee being added to the case account and future payments
 will be accepted by the Court as
CASH only.