How can I be excused from Jury service?
  • If you're 70 years old, or older, and do not wish to serve.
  • If you are not a U.S. citizen.
  • If you are not a resident of Ingham County.
  • If you have a medical disqualification completed by your doctor (this cannot be a temporary condition).


What do I do if I can't attend on a given week, but I am available another week?

You must contact the Jury Clerk at 517-483-6522.

Jury Clerk
Please call, write, or e-mail

What do I do if a summons came for someone who is deceased or no longer living here?

Again, you must contact the Jury Clerk to discuss the situation.


Why do I have to call in?

So you know when, or if, you need to report for jury service.  This procedure is part of the One-Week on call
process that Ingham County has adopted.


Why do I have to wait until the last minute to find out if we need to come in or not?

Because the judge's assistants have until 3:30 p.m. every day to inform the Jury Clerk of their need for jurors.
The judge's assistants have to wait for notification from prosecutors and attorneys to see if a case will
subsequently lead to trial, thus requiring a jury assembly.
  • Question: I am unable to complete the questionnaire because of ill health or other physical mental limitation. What should I do?
    • Answer: The questionnaire must be completed and returned in 10 days. Please authorize an individual to act on your behalf, complete and mail the questionnaire. If you have a permanent physical or mental disability that would interfere with or prevent you from serving as a jury please complete question # 6. If you answer yes, a doctor's letter must be provided with the return of your questionnaire. Obtaining a copy of you doctor's letter for your personal file is advised.
  • Question: I am over 70 years of age do I have to serve?
    • Answer: That is up to you, answer question #1, then, if you want to serve answer question 1 (a), yes, if you do not wish to serve answer question 1 (a), no.
  • Question: The person to whom the questionnaire is addressed is on an extended vacation or temporarily employed out of town. What should I do?
    • Answer: Forward all of the documentation to him/her and have them return the completed questionnaire within 10 days. The questionnaire can also be completed online at ja.ingham.org. They can request a postponement of their service date as indicated on the summons by going online (at address provided above), or by email or telephone pursuant to the instructions provided on their summons and Frequently Asked Questions document they received.
  • Question: The questionnaire is addressed to my son/daughter who is away at college. What should I do?
    • Answer: Again the questionnaire must be returned by law. You have two options: forward the questionnaire to him/her at college and have them return it within 10 days, or you can fill out the questionnaire for him/her, sign your name indicating you are the parent, and return the questionnaire to Jury Administration.
    • If your son or daughter is selected for service during the jury year, we will mail him/her a Summons for Jury Duty approximately 3 weeks prior to the date of service. If they are summoned for a time when they are at college, they can contact the appropriate court, and request that the jury service be deferred to one of the summer months.
    • If your son or daughter is attending college on the service date which appears on their summons, they can contact the appropriate court and request that the jury service be deferred to one of the summer months.
  • Question: I received a questionnaire, but I no longer live in Ingham County. What should I do?
    • Answer: By law you must still return the questionnaire. Answer question #2 and in the comment section indicate where you live now.
  • Question: The questionnaire was sent to a family member who is deceased. What should I do?
    • Answer: By law the questionnaire must be returned. Please write "deceased" in large letters on the questionnaire and return it within 10 days. We take steps to try and avoid this situation. Please accept our apology for any distress this document may have caused you or your family.
  • Question: The party whose name is on the questionnaire doesn't live at this address. What should I do?
    • Answer:If you know the forwarding address, mark through the address shown on the questionnaire, write the new address, and place the questionnaire in the U.S. mail.
    • If you do not know the party's forwarding address, Mark through the address printed on the questionnaire, write " not at this address- return to sender," and place the questionnaire in the U.S. mail.
  • Question: I have already served jury duty. Can I be called to serve again?
    • Answer: Yes, under the law you are eligible every 12 months.
  • Question: I stay at home to care for my child. Do I have to serve jury duty?
    • Answer: You may request an excusal from the Court upon receipt of your summons. The decision would be up to the Chief Judge of the Court.
  • Question: How do we get your name?
    • Answer: Every year the County receives a list of names from the Secretary of State. We then run the names though a process and try to eliminate people that have moved or have been disqualified in previous years. We then input the number of persons needed and the computer program randomly selects the appropriate number of participants to receive questionnaires and summonses.
  • Question: By receiving this Jury Questionnaire do I have to report to jury duty?
    • Answer: You have received a summons with the questionnaire. If we determine, based on the responses provided on your questionnaire that you qualify for jury service, you must either report to jury duty as directed on your summons or make arrangements with the appropriate Court for postponement of your service date.
  • Question: What makes me qualified to be a juror?
    • Answer: You must: a) Be a United States citizen, 18 years of age or older, and a resident of Ingham County (exceptions for some residents of Eaton and Clinton Counties);
      b) Be able to communicate in the English language;
      c) Be physically and mentally able to carry out the functions of a juror (temporary inability shall not be considered a disqualification);
      d) Not have served as a juror in a court of record in the prior 12 months;
      e) Never have been convicted of a felony.