Primary Functions of Pretrial Services

  • The monitoring and supervision of defendants charged with high-court misdemeanors and/or felonies, who are released on conditional bonds while their cases remain pending.  Most defendants are required to enroll with pretrial services while released on bond; many defendants have additional requirements as well. At enrollment, defendants will be advised to report as directed.
  • The collection of adequate, credible information about each defendant to assist the Pretrial investigators in making appropriate bond recommendations on parties scheduled for preliminary examination in District Court.
  • Coordination of all aspects of the court-appointed counsel system on all high-court/felony criminal matters, Circuit Court/General Trial Division probation violations, and Circuit Court/Family Division personal protection order violations.
  • Appointment of appellate counsel for Circuit Court criminal cases on appeal through the Michigan Appellate Assigned Counsel System.
  • Preparation and issuance of bench warrants on all non-compliance/failures to appear cases pending in Circuit Court/General Trial Division.
  • The Binding-over of cases from District Court to Circuit Court/general trial division. 


Veterans Memorial Courthouse
First Floor
313 W. Kalamazoo Street
Lansing MI

Ingham District Courts

54-A District Court - downtown Lansing
54-B District Court - East Lansing
55th District Court - Mason