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As required by MCL 750.167b(4), the Chief Judge of the Circuit Court annually compiles and maintains an alphabetical list of persons engaged in the business of becoming surety upon bonds for compensation in criminal cases. Approved applications received after the annual compilation will be added to the list on an Ad Hoc basis. Persons desiring to engage in the business of becoming surety upon bonds must apply using one of the two alternatives: Either answering a comprehensive inquiry into the applicant’s property, debts, encumbrances, judgments, etc. OR, a less comprehensive procedure whereby the bondsperson is backed by insurance. The Court requires the following information when application is made to be admitted to the list of approved bondsmen for the County of Ingham, 30th Circuit Court, 54A District Court, 54B District Court and 55th District Court.

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Bond Company Information:

The application period for the 2022 approved bond company list is OPEN until 11/01/2021.  To apply to be added as a new company, or to add additional agents to an existing company, you may submit the appropriate application per the instructions.  Applications are available under “Printable Documents” below.

Failure to provide the required documentation may result in a denial of your application.

Printable Documents:
Notices to Surety: