Pretrial Services Bond Reports

“Ingham County Pretrial Services is committed to the promotion of Pretrial Justice and Community Safety.”

The Pretrial Services Division strives to provide the Ingham County Courts with accurate and complete information pertaining to individuals arrested on felony offenses to assist judicial officers in the determination of appropriate pretrial release and detention decisions.

Pretrial Services Investigators utilize the objective and evidenced-based Michigan Pretrial Risk Assessment Instrument to complete bond reports that are provided to the Ingham County Judges & Magistrates of the 54-A, 54-B and, 55th District Courts as well as the 30th Circuit Court.  The Michigan Pretrial Risk Assessment uses eight factors which help to determine a defendant’s risk of failing to appear for court or to the safety of the public.

A completed bond report consists of an interview with the defendant in person or via polycom technology; depending on where the defendant is housed.  Personal information is collected and verified for accuracy through provided references.  Additionally a thorough criminal background investigation is completed for each defendant utilizing a computerized record check. 

As a condition of pretrial release a defendant may be ordered to be supervised by our Pretrial Services Supervision Unit. 

Contact Information
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