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Circuit Court records are public unless specifically made nonpublic or confidential by statute, court rule, case law, or court order. Proper identification will be required to fulfill requests involving nonpublic or confidential records.

If you desire to view court records, search case file/numbers, schedules, or make payments ONLINE, please go to

The public is welcome to review court records during normal business hours.

Requests for Copies of Court Records
You may submit your request by:

  • Mail to Circuit Court Clerk’s Office, 313 West Kalamazoo Street, Lansing, Michigan 48933
  • Email to
  • Fax to (517) 483-6501
  • Phone to (517) 483-6500 ext. 6816
  • In person at either office location

Copies of records may be provided in person, mailed, faxed, or emailed as requested. If mail is requested, the requester must furnish a self-addressed, postage prepaid envelope.

Copy and Certification Fees
$1.50/page for copies
30¢/page for copies of transcripts
$10.00/record for certification

Common Questions and Answers

1.  How much is my record request going to cost? A deputy court clerk will conduct a page count of the record and advise you of the fee.
2.  May I file my pleadings by email or fax? Filings that are titled “Objections” may be filed by fax for a fee. Please contact the office to coordinate payment. Pleadings may not be filed by email at this time.
3.  Can you email or fax me my record request? Yes, after payment of the copy fee.
4.  Can you mail me my record request? Yes, however you must provide a self-addressed, postage prepaid envelope into which your record request will be placed for mailing.
5.  I need a certified copy of a court record. Can you email or fax it to me? No. Certified copies have an embossed seal, which cannot be felt when sent electronically. You are welcome to visit either of our office locations in person or provide a pre-addressed, postage prepaid envelope into which your certified record request will be placed for mailing.
6.  I purchased an uncertified copy of a court record. Can I get it certified later? No, a copy may not be certified unless the certification was added to the copy at the time it was made from the original court record. You will have to purchase a certified copy of the court record separately.
7.  May I file a case at the Mason Office in the Ingham County Courthouse? Yes, both office locations are full service.



 Fee Schedule



Case Initiation Fees

 [$150 filing + $10 certified copy fee + $25.00 ESF]


Appeal from Lower Court or Agency

[$150 filing + $25.00 ESF (if applicable)]

$150 / $175


[$150 filing + $10 certified copy fee + $25.00 ESF]


Civil Lawsuit

[$150 filing + $25.00 ESF]


Civil Lawsuit with Jury Demand

[$150 filing + $85 Jury Demand + $25.00 ESF]


Domestic Relations Lawsuit with Children
[$150 filing + $80 FOC fee + $25.00 ESF]


Domestic Relations Lawsuit without Children

[$150 filing + $25.00 ESF]


Domestic Relations Lawsuit for Child Support Only

[$150 filing + $40 FOC fee + $25.00 ESF]


Name Change

[$160 filing+ $25.00 ESF]



Motion Fee


Motion Fee regarding Custody and/or Parenting Time

[$80 FOC fee included]


Motion Fee regarding Child Support
   [$40 FOC fee included]


Motion Fee regarding Spousal Support



Copies from Case File

$1.50 / Page

Copies of Transcripts Filed with Clerk

30¢ / Transcript Page

Certify the Copy of a Case Record

$10 / Record

Other Fees

Admission to the Bar


Appeal to Higher Court


Case Evaluation Fee


Electronic Filing System Fee on Certain Cases (ESF)


Notice of Judgment Lien – Certification Fee


Jury Demand Fee


Writ of Garnishment, Attachment, Execution, or Judgment Debtor Discovery Subpoena (includes Seizure of Property)



Forms of Acceptable Payment

  • Cash
  • Check/Money Order (make payable to Circuit Court Clerk)
  • Credit/Debit Card*

 *A nonrefundable fee is assessed by the card processing company for this service.

 Please Note:

  • Filings may be rejected by the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office if the appropriate fee is not paid.
  • Only one fee will be charged for any number of motions filed at the same time in the same case.
  • There is no fee for stipulations or stipulated motions.
  • There is no fee in criminal or personal protection matters.