Indigent Defense & Attorney Voucher Services

Due to the creation of the Ingham County Office of the Public Defender, the General Trial Division of the Ingham County Circuit Court no longer assigns counsel for defendants charged in felony cases. At this time, the General Trial Division is only assigning counsel for indigent defendants in felony cases where a conflict of interest exists within the Office of the Public Defender in representing certain clients.

The General Trial Division is responsible for evaluating requests for appointment of a public defender and determining indigency or partial indigency in regards to a defendant’s request for indigent counsel. This evaluation is in compliance with MCL 780.991(3)(a).

The Family Division appoints counsel for juveniles in delinquency matters and parents in neglect and abuse matters.


  • Attorneys must complete and return the E-Filing registration form before attempting to electronically submit a voucher for payment.
  • Attorneys assigned as conflict counsel in criminal cases must submit their payment vouchers through the online voucher system, which can be found here:  Attorney Voucher System Login Page
  • Family Division vouchers should be submitted to Stacey Strouse, either by mail or email attachment to the following address:

Ingham County Circuit Court - Family Division
Attn:  Stacey Strouse
P.O. Box 13097
Lansing, MI 48901-3097

Vouchers & E-Filing Section
Word Perfect format may be requested from Tammy in Pretrial Services. Instructions

Attorney Voucher Submission Instructions

General Trial Division
Abby Stocker, (517) 483-6450
Email Court Appointed Counsel Clerk

Family Division
Stacey Strouse, (517) 483-6521