Juvenile Delinquency Dashboard

Ingham County is committed to utilization of evidence based, best practices in delivery of services to residents.  From Jail utilization to Juvenile Justice, Ingham County Courts are committed to practices and programs that can be supported by actual data and research.

Why it matters: Ingham County is committed to utilization of evidence-based practices in delivery of service to residents.  Since the passage of the Juvenile Justice Millage in 2002, the court has implemented best practices and has expanded the continuum of care for youth. There has been a steady decline in petitions filed alleging that juveniles are committing crimes.

What has happened to juvenile crime in Ingham County over the last decade?

  • Juvenile crime, as measured by petitions to court, is down about 50% over that time period.

Juv- Number of Petitions

Why it matters:  Ingham County has invested the Juvenile Justice Millage funds to create a continuum of care. The Court’s programs and services have one goal – Reduce the rates of recidivism for juvenile offenders.  To effectively accomplish this task, the Court has engaged in an aggressive program of assessing risk factors, providing proven treatment targeting particular factors, and studying the actual results of the treatment provided.

What has happened to the rate of recidivism during the same period?

  • While the seriousness of cases was going up, the rate of recidivism was going down. This is the opposite of what would have been expected (given the increase in seriousness) and VERY good news.  
  • Note: These are based on data collected in 2016; hence only cases through 2014 can be included to allow for two-year follow-up.
Juv- Changes in Two year
  • These changes (above) indicate a 12.1% reduction in recidivism during this period of time.
  • The chart below contrasts this reduction in recidivism to other intervention strategies and outcomes as reported in Mark Lipsey’s review of over 4,000 studies. Bars 1 and 2 come from over 4,000 studies that compared program effectiveness to a control group. The Ingham County 12.1% reduction in recidivism is an absolute value for the delinquency division. It’s approximately 50% better than the average of other best practice programs.

juv Intervention Strategy

In 2002, Dr. Edward Latessa of the University of Cincinnati studied the needs of the Juvenile Justice System in Ingham County making various important recommendations.  Edward Latessa, Ph.D., Professor & Principal Investigator, University of Cincinnati, Division of Criminal Justice - Executive Summary 2003. 

In 2010, he was asked to come back and assess the progress of the court.  Edward Latessa, Ph.D., Report Card dated April 5, 2010:
"I think it is fair to say that the improvements made to the assessment of youth in Ingham County are a model for other jurisdictions to emulate."

“Overall, the Ingham County Juvenile Division has made tremendous  advances and improvements in developing and delivering evidence based practices and programs to the youth and families it serves.”  

What is the effectiveness of the Ingham Academy? 

  • Youth involved in the Ingham Academy show a lower recidivism rate than those not involved.  
  • The chart below shows one-year recidivism rates for youth in the delinquency division (from 2004-2015), youth in the truancy division (from 2004-2015), and youth in Ingham Academy (from 2007-2015).
  • Caveat: It is impossible to discern, without random assignment, whether Ingham Academy youth are equivalent to those on Probation. There’s little reason to believe they are less serious.

juv one year rec

What's the effect of actually graduating from the Academy?

  • Graduating from the Academy appears to be very beneficial.
  • In addition to lower recidivism rates than both the delinquency and truancy divisions, youth who graduated from Ingham Academy (n = 46) had a one-year recidivism rate of 8.7%.
  • The chart below shows the one-year recidivism rates for 292 youth in Ingham Academy (2007-2015) based on their program completion code.  

juv ingham academy