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The Ingham County Family Center is host to two juvenile court community based programs, Ingham Academy and Pride.

Ingham Academy is a court operated day treatment program for adjudicated youth designed to promote academic progress and behavioral stabilization in students who are not successful in a traditional school setting.   Referrals are accepted solely from the Juvenile Division of the 30th Circuit Court.  Ingham Academy promotes positive youth development to help adolescents succeed in their home community through a consistent individual, strength-based treatment process in a cooperative and therapeutic environment.   Quality care is provided through a collaboration with three partner agencies – Ingham Intermediate School District, Highfields, Inc. and Peckham, Inc.  Ingham Intermediate School District provides the educational component of the program.  Higfields delivers the behavior treatment and support to the program and Peckham runs a comprehensive program called Youth Career Academy which offers vocational training and work experience. 

Through the combined efforts of all partner agencies, the program addresses and provides intervention for the mental health, substance abuse and behavioral issues that are identified through the youth’s risk assessments.   The treatment focus is to enhance appropriate social skills, emotional regulation and responsible behavior in youth, while increasing academic success such that youth earn a high school diploma. 

Ingham Academy provides evidence based cognitive-behavioral treatment called Aggression Replacement Therapy (ART) to all students.  ART is a mult-component cognitive-behavioral treatment to promote pro-social behavior by addressing factors that contribute to aggression in children and adolescents including limited interpersonal social and coping skills, impulsiveness, over-reliance on aggression to meet daily needs, and egocentric and concrete values.

The Pride program is an evening reporting program for court adjudicated youth. Ingham County Circuit Court partners with Highfields to provide cognitive behavioral treatment using an evidenced based practice called Thinking for a Change. Thinking for a Change (T4C) is an integrated, cognitive behavioral change program for offenders that includes cognitive restructuring, social skills development, and development of problem solving skills. The Pride program lasts for 20 weeks and youth are referred to this program via their assigned Juvenile Court Officer.

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