General Trial and Family Division

General Trial Division

Civil and Criminal cases are assigned to Judges Canady,  Draganchuk,  Jamo, Aquilina, and Stokes. 

Public Act 164 of 2013 locates the Court of Claims in the Court of Appeals effective November 12, 2013.

Family Division

The Family Division of the Circuit Court was implemented on January 1, 1998, pursuant to statue.  Both Probate Judge positions (Hon.  Richard J. Garcia and Hon. Shauna Dunnings) and two Circuit Judge positions (Hon. Lisa McCormick and Hon. Carol N. Koenig) are permanently assigned to the Family Division.

Due to the commitment of the Family Court to the principle of "One Family, One Judge" it is particularly important to indicate on any new domestic family division filing whether or not there has been a previous case involving the family, or previous assignment to a specific Judge.

A family is identified in Ingham County Circuit Court using Mom as the stem identity.  Ingham County Circuit Court requests a party information form be completed to assist the Clerk's Office in compliance with the "One Family, One Judge" principle.