30th Judicial Circuit Court

30th Judicial Circuit Court
IMG_0123Supreme Court Administrative Order 2020-2 (Order Limiting Activities/ Assemblages in Court Facilities) (PDF)

Extension of Supreme Court Administrative Order 2020-2 (PDF)

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Emergency Electronic Filing and Service - UPDATED (PDF)

The 30th Judicial Circuit Court is a court of general jurisdiction, hearing civil cases seeking more than $25,000 in damages, all felony criminal matters, and all family matters.

Judges of the Family Division have jurisdiction over cases involving juvenile delinquency matters, child protective matters, adoptionsname changesemancipations, and domestic relations matters. 

Judges of the General Trial Division have jurisdiction over felony criminal matters, civil cases where the amount in controversy exceeds $25,000, and hear appeals from District Court and state agency administrative decisions. 

Through the Pretrial Services Division, the Court provides flight and safety risk assessments for felony cases, monitors compliance with bond conditions, and supervises defendants who are out on bond pending adjudication. 

The Court also provides Alternative Dispute Resolution programs which provide trial alternatives in civil and domestic relations cases.

The 30th Judicial Circuit Court conducts court matters in nine courtrooms.  Of these, Family Division matters are heard in four courtrooms and General Trial Division matters are heard in five courtrooms.  Eight of the nine courtrooms are located in the Veterans Memorial Courthouse in Lansing, Michigan; the ninth courtroom is located in the county seat in Mason, Michigan.