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Juror Parking

  • Jurors must furnish their own transportation.
  • Parking fees are not reimbursable.  However, in Lansing, there is limited parking available in the Ingham County Visitor's Parking Lot located at the corner of Walnut and Kalamazoo.
  • If you are selected and actually serve on a jury in the City of Lansing, you may park in any city-owned parking ramp, and the Court will validate your parking card.
South Capitol Parking Ramp
 Entrances located on Townsend Street 
and South Capitol Avenue
NOTICEALL parking violations and tickets received while at the Court must be paid by you!
    You are encouraged to park on the East side of
    Barnes Street between Maple and Sycamore
    Streets. Also note, parking around the Courthouse
    is limited to only 2 hours and your jury service could
    last longer than 2 hours.