Local Court Rules


(A) An attorney of record may secure a date for hearing from the trial judge’s secretary for matters such as uncontested divorce cases, brief motion arguments, and hearings.

(B) Motion day shall be Wednesday.  If a legal holiday coincides in some manner, the assignment clerk shall set a new motion day and provide appropriate notice.

(C) Any hearing time secured by telephone shall be cancelled if a written notice of hearing is not filed within seven days with a copy to the assignment clerk or judge’s secretary, as appropriate.

(D) Any matter requiring testimony or hearings of more than 15 minutes shall be scheduled by the assignment clerk other than on motion day.



Jurors: Term of Service.

(1) All persons summoned to appear as circuit court petit jurors shall serve a term of one calendar week, or for the duration of the trial, if selected to serve on a trial jury.

(2) During the term of the jury service jurors shall report for actual jury service only when so directed by the court.



(A)  Grand Juries; Presentation of Petition; Granting of Petition.

(1)    Petitions for a grand jury shall be presented to the chief judge, and submitted to the bench for decision.

(2)    No such petition shall be granted except by affirmative majority action of the entire bench.

(B)  Grand Juries; One-Person Grand Jury. If a one-person grand jury is called, the judge who shall act as the grand juror shall be selected by blind draw.

(C)  Grand Juries; Citizens’ Grand Jury; Selection. If a citizens’ grand jury is called, the chief judge shall direct the jury board to draw the names of a specified number of persons to appear for selection to serve as grand jurors.  A judge shall be selected by blind draw and shall preside over the selection of a sufficient number of the persons to serve as grand jurors and subsequent grand jury proceedings.