Pretrial Services

In response to Administrative Order 2020-2 issued by the Michigan Supreme Court, the Pretrial Services Division of the 30th Circuit Court of Ingham County is closed to the public until further notice.

If you have been ordered to report to Pretrial Services as a condition of bond release, please call (517)483-6529 and provide your full name and telephone number.  A member of the Pretrial Services staff will contact you as soon as possible.

Mission Statement

Ingham County Pretrial Services is Committed to the Promotion of Pretrial Justice and Community Safety.


Ingham County Pretrial Services is dedicated to gathering and providing accurate and complete information to the Court, to be used in the determination of release / detainment decisions and conditions of pretrial release.

Ingham County Pretrial Services is dedicated to utilizing an objective evidence-based risk assessment instrument and other methodologies based on the recommended practices and standards of the National Association of Pretrial Services Agencies (NAPSA) and other pretrial professionals, in the delivery of pretrial services to Ingham County.

Ingham County Pretrial Services is dedicated to assisting the Court in recommending the least restrictive conditions of release for individuals charged with felony offense(s), consistent with appearance for court and public safety.

Ingham County Pretrial Services is dedicated to carrying out pretrial supervision and monitoring activities and interactions in a fair, respectful, dignified, and professional manner.


Ingham County Pretrial Services will seek to adhere to its vision and mission statement by observing the following core principles and values:

Integrity: Employees will demonstrate honesty and carry out their duties in compliance to the highest standards.

Respect: Employees will show courtesy and professionalism in their interaction with clients, visitors, co-workers, management, judicial officials, and other county employees.

Service: Employees will deliver excellent service to clients, visitors, co-workers, management, judicial officials, and other stakeholders, while utilizing effective communication skills.

Teamwork: Employees will strive to have positive interaction with co-workers, practice cooperation with one another, and recognize the contributions of all members.

Work Ethic: Employees will exhibit dependable performance of work assignments and the efficient and effective use of time and resources.

Diversity and Inclusion: Employees will embrace the cultural and individual differences of others and strive to develop a welcoming and positive environment.

Professional Development: Employees will be encouraged to seek continual learning, improvement, and professional development.

Contact Information
30th Circuit Court of Ingham County
Veterans’ Memorial Courthouse / Grady Porter Building
Circuit Court Administration – Floor 3R
303 W. Kalamazoo Street
Lansing, MI 48933

(517)483-6441 [FAX#]

8:00am – 5:00pm